Knowing some common mistakes in the corporate environment is a good way to learn how to avoid firing. After all, we spend most of our lives in our work, and sharing so much time with these people gives us apparent intimacy that can upset us. Being mindful of your posture is critical to a successful career. But what else can we do to prevent workplace problems that can occasionally lead to layoffs? We summarized key points that hinder the lives of professionals.

Avoiding Resignation: Stay Away From These Mistakes

1. Failure to meet deadlines or goals

Managers’ main assessment point is performance, so failure to meet deadlines and goals is one of their most unacceptable behaviors.

2. Poor Delivery Quality

Another point much observed and disapproved by managers. Stay tuned for the quality of what you produce.

3. Low level of commitment

We usually see people who always put their interests before their duty to the company and show little commitment to projects and activities in the area.

4. Excessive Informality

Sometimes we see the use of profanity or inappropriate clothing, denoting excessive informality.

5. Gossip

Talking too much or talking to people inappropriately are bad behaviors in any company.

6. Excessive or disgusting pranks

In a professional environment you can play but not abuse this feature;

7. Not having initiative

It is a crucial point. Most managers value the initiative. So move, show interest!

8. Not Demonstrating Leadership

This point ends up stalling the promotion of many people. Many have the technical ability, but are not good at leading others. However, it is a skill that can be developed.

9. Accommodation

We always see that person who studies a little and thinks he is already good. To be up to date, the study has to be constant.

10. Intrusions into extraneous areas

It happens when a person gets involved in matters that have nothing to do with his or her field and still sells that he or she knows everything. Take good care of your work and do not interfere with what has nothing to do with it.