Check out what to do to increase your chances of getting a call from the recruiter
Preparing resume carefully increases the chances of any candidate pursuing a selection process. According to Andrew Rogers, a Australia recruitment Specialist, there are three key tips not to get it wrong right now and not get eliminated early in the selection process. Check out!

How to prepare resume to get job

1. Make the cv the right size

It is tempting to put all your skills and knowledge into the resume so that it fits in all the jobs you want to win. The problem is that companies want professionals who are experts in their field, especially when they hire seniors. They do not usually give preference to those who go through many segments without delving into any.

Rogers’s tip for those considering different job search job roles and segments is to create different resumes that are tailored to each job opening. “Yes, it’s a lot more work, but you have more to lose if you don’t work on this adaptation,” he says.

2. Understand Vacancy Requirements

If you don’t research the job you want to apply for, it’s almost impossible to create a resume that shows your skills. Spend time studying vacancy listings, contracting company websites and listing the most relevant requirements.

The tip is that you find yourself in hard skills (such as sales, marketing and languages, for example). At this time, soft skills, such as motivation and the ability to work in teams, are not as relevant. This is how your resume is most likely to appear in search engine results from recruiters.

It is worth visiting the profile of professionals who occupy the position you want to achieve. You may find other skills relevant to this that are not explicit in the job posting.

3. Don’t complicate reading

When writing your resume, consider that recruiters have no time left. You need to avoid some mistakes. According to Rogers, a lot of people have been complicating their work including photos, logos and other design features that do not influence the hiring decision and still make the page confusing to read.

The tip? Make sure your resume reading is enjoyable without great design resources (unless that’s your area, of course!). “It may seem like a bit of a boring approach, but recruiters will thank you for it,” says the expert.

It is best to use a sharp black font and divide the document into easily identifiable sections with bold headings. It is also important to create clear and short sentences. No endless paragraphs that will only make the recruiter lose interest in reading. Also, highlight your results by providing facts and figures.

By following these guidelines, Rogers believes you can increase your chances of getting a call. Why don’t you give a try by following above tips! ?