One day you are super inspired and make a well thought out list of your goals, in order of importance. You feel ready and energetic to focus on your professional development. You’re already a manager (or pretty much that) and want to be a director, VP… president – why not ?! But then you close the file and never look at it again.

Does the scene look familiar? If the answer is positive, heed the warning from coach Adunola Adeshola, Forbes columnist. “The sense of accomplishment you expect will only come when you really strive to reach those goals,” she says.

And it makes no sense? Just wanting and visualizing success is not enough to achieve it. The coach’s tip is that you stop calling yourself “results oriented” and see yourself as “action oriented”. To this end, she recommends that you abandon three excuses that hinder your career evolution. Check out their recommendations.

1. You don’t know how to ask for help

You are very proud. Prefer to do everything alone. Find it better to search, search, search, try, fail, and repeat rather than ask someone who has already done what you are trying to do. If you only knew how much time you’re wasting… If you think asking people for help is a sign of weakness, your weakness may be that you don’t ask the right people for help.

The solution: Start asking the right people for help. Instead of researching free solutions that offer just a few pieces of the puzzle, talk to those who have the wisdom and solutions you need to solve your problems. Whether they are people who have found a way to get into the industry you want, seasoned professionals who have quickly become managers, or career strategists who know how to get the results you want.

2. You are very afraid to invest in yourself.

You are not afraid to make a full plan at the gym, buy expensive clothes or change your phone. However, when was the last time you bought a book to learn more about how to accomplish the priorities and goals you have for yourself? And when was the last time you enrolled in a course or coached or mentored to take care of your career development?

The solution: Spend less time thinking and more time doing. Do research, follow your instinct and invest in its development. Anything you learn can help your career evolve. A language course, for example. An MBA in project management. What can work best for you to achieve your goals? Analyze and run after.

3. You have many goals.

You want to stay in your business and get promoted. At the same time, you think it would be amazing to work at the neighboring company, which is amazing. Oh, and you also thought of leaving sales to focus on marketing. And RP is also so interesting. That is, you want everything, but when you look closely at the progress you are making, you realize that you have not left the place. And what’s worse – you don’t even know where to start.

The solution: It’s time to stop dreaming and have a workable plan to achieve a professional goal. One – that’s right, choose one goal only. Then create an action plan and timeline to achieve it. “You don’t need a list of 10 goals to make progress in your life,” says the coach. “You should focus only on achieving one or two goals at a time,” she says.

Finally, remember that achieving the success you want begins with the action. Do you want a better career? An executive position? Work for it. Know what you want. Ask for help. Invest in yourself.