Every day is the same thing. You start surrendering at work, then hunger comes, comes eating time and you’re done! Give that endless laziness and you feel unable to beat sleep after lunch. According to neurologist Anna Karla Smith of the Sleep Institute, this sensation is very natural, even physiological, because at this time the body must focus on digesting what we eat. Completely preventing this from happening is impossible, but to minimize these effects we can take a few simple steps.

1. Avoid the “causative agent”

The first way to reduce sleep after lunch is to avoid its “causative agent” – very fatty and high carbohydrate foods – at lunch time. According to Dr. Anna Karla, these foods cause more sleep, not just an impression. “The person eats that bean stew and then looks like they’re going to die,” she says. “This is because fat and carbohydrate induce the formation of more intestinal peptides.”

2. Do light exercises

The second way to avoid this sense of the end of the world is to do some kind of physical activity after the meal. Of course the recommendation is to practice something light, such as a walk. “Moving can fool the body a little and reduce drowsiness. You can’t feel sleepy while you’re moving your arms and legs, ”she says.

3. Don’t go straight to the computer

Avoid sitting at the computer right after meals. If you can’t walk, good conversation can also ease laziness. You see, a good, lively conversation, okay? If the subject is that boredom, the situation will only get worse. Oh yes, and getting in front of the TV is also a bad idea (in case of a home office).

4. Beware of the coffee

One more important thing. If you are hoping to find the tip of betting on coffee to close the meal and wake up, you may forget… According to the neurologist, a simple coffee (one cup) will not save your skin at this time. “It would only work if you had a full bottle, but it would certainly have more negative than positive effects, especially cardiovascular ones,” she says.

That is, unless the “psychological” effect has some power over your sleep, it may dispense with caffeine. “Not to mention that it would also take about half an hour to make some effect, and that’s about the time that the most intense phase of sleepiness lasts.”

5. Don’t despair

Finally, says the doctor, sleep after lunch is, for some people, inevitable. No matter what they do, they will continue to feel this nuisance. If you are one of them, the tip is not to despair. “On the contrary, the thing is to wait because it won’t last the rest of the day, and after a half hour or maybe a little longer, you will surrender.”