Making the first resume is indispensable for entering the job market. It may even give your stomach a chill, especially if you have no work experience and feel that you have nothing to write about. But do you want to know? It hurts less than tearing off the first milk tooth. Courage! Lets start now?

1. Make a self-reflection

If I were to start a business today and invite you to join my team, how could you help me? What are your skills and what do you like to do?

The answers to these questions will be fundamental to the preparation of your first resume and will also guide you in your job search.

2. Research Available Opportunities

Take a look at some job sites, such as, and start by researching some skills you have (such as computer literacy). Carefully read job listings and make sure you have some or all of the minimum requirements.

3. Make your resume

The format will follow the basic structure of an experienced curriculum. The only difference is that in your case you will have to put more emphasis on your skills, academic knowledge and personal profile.

Tip: Explore experiences such as junior company, volunteer work, room rep or even that help at your uncle’s candy store that you gave on vacation.

4. Don’t “Fill Sausage”

If you’re missing content for your first resume, it’s a sign that you didn’t do your part. Shut down social media for a few hours and invest time attending lectures and courses related to the area you are looking to work with. After all, the internet is there for everyone and the excuse of “lack of money” is no longer accepted by recruiters.

Tip: Search for “free courses” and be surprised by the result.

5. Try, try and try again.

The lower the number of requirements for the position, the greater the number of vacancies offered and, consequently, the greater the number of candidates competing with you. So don’t be upset if you submit any resumes and you’re not called. Opportunities abound, just search and try.

Is my job now guaranteed?
But Thay, if I follow all the steps you listed, will I get my long dreamed job?

The answer is: calm down! If you follow all the steps there are high chances of being called for multiple job interviews. ?