Who doesn’t feel chills when he hears news about crisis, layoffs and number of unemployed? At times like this, it’s really hard to keep the fear of losing your job from disturbing your mind and hampering the progress of your professional and financial plans.

“This concern is potentialized and affects everyone without distinction,” says Michael Olivas, consultant, founder and partner of RecuitmentWorks. Want to know how to minimize the effects of this on your productivity and sleep? Check out the expert tips and don’t be afraid of losing your job.

Take away the fear of losing your job

1. Have a plan B

Even if you are not in the spotlight and your company is not laying off, think about what you can do if you lose your job right now. According to Moggi, it is important to think objectively and in advance of your possibilities so that insecurity does not take on your head. “When you wonder what is worse about it, somehow you are already preparing to face it,” he says.

2. Evaluate your contact network

If, in fact, the worst is that you become unemployed, who can you count on to get a replacement? This question is key to catching up on networking – again before the worst happens. That’s because if you wait for the bad news to come and then chase after the people who can help, they may see you as someone who only comes when you need something, a label that is not good for anyone’s image. “Life is relationship, the best opportunities come from referrals,” he says.

3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

According to the expert, it is necessary to think not only about your best skills, but also about those you still need to develop. “Think about it without fantasizing, objectively,” he says.

4. Don’t Make Debts

For peaceful sleep, Moggi recommends that you have a financial reserve to survive for at least six months without working. If you have no reserve and can’t figure out how to start one now, the tip is at least not to make any debt at all. “Lack of money increases tension,” he says.

5. Understand that there is life after resignation

According to Moggi, not always a dismissal or a period of unemployment bring only bad things to our lives. “It is often at this time that we find that we can undertake something or realize a dream that was always waiting for the right time,” he says. “Whenever a door closes, a window opens somewhere,” he says.