How to deal with the frustration of losing a promotion at the company after you apply and strongly believe that you deserve to become a manager? Being passed over in this situation can be daunting, but it does not mean the end or decline of your career. If you are experiencing this, check out what you can do to overcome the feeling of loss and move on. Recommendations are from The Balance Careers.

1. Process your feelings

Take time to process your emotions. It is understandable that you need some time to recover and want to isolate yourself a little to mourn with yourself or with those close to you. Your feelings are legitimate and justifiable.

2. Evaluate your promotion request

Would this promotion be your dream job or would it just mean a better salary? What is your biggest disappointment – having been passed over or not receiving positive feedback? Make an honest self assessment.
If the issue is primarily salary, consider switching companies. If the promotion required skills that you don’t have yet but would like to have, run after them.

Try to assess the situation as if you were on the employer’s side. Did you deserve the promotion? If you are just doing the job that is in your current job description without going further, it may make sense that you have not been chosen. Did you have a solid argument to merit the promotion? Think about it.

3. Be professional at work

If you want to mourn or cry, do so with close friends and family – outside the workplace. In the office, you need to keep your activities professional.

When your manager or director breaks the news, be polite in response. Say, for example, that you thank you for being considered for the job. The situation is embarrassing for everyone and such an answer lightens the mood.

4. Ask for feedback from your manager

Over the next few days, you can try asking for feedback from your manager or people who have been involved in the process to understand why you were not chosen. This attitude is important for you to prepare better next time.

They may not be honest in their response or simply avoid this conversation. If this happens, it is not worth insisting. You may also get a hands-on return on a knowledge or skill you need to develop or some improvement you need to deliver in some area of ​​your work. Do not miss this opportunity.

5. Resist the urge to make comparisons

It’s hard when a colleague wins the promotion you wanted so badly. However, a mature professional needs to deal with this by avoiding making comparisons and malicious comments.

6. Work your career plan

Do you want to evolve in your career, but have the impression that there is no room for it in the current company? Update your resume and look for opportunities. If you think you can grow right where you are, great. Just set a deadline for chasing after the skills, improvements, and knowledge you have left to be picked next time. After that, set a date to talk to your manager about the promotion. Be the protagonist of your career!