Knowledge acquisition is today the most powerful tool in the corporate world. And the ability to acquire more knowledge and, especially, apply it for solutions is the great differential of candidates who have been hired by high performance companies. Companies and markets need people who are not content with ready answers.

The current generations that are entering the job market already arrive with a differentiated behavior regarding the acquisition of knowledge, because the access to information has been increasingly facilitated through technology and the internet, and this generation knows how to do this since baby . For those who are not of this generation, the learning that can be gained from this new behavior is the fact that it is necessary to learn always, and increasingly.

No one else needs to be afraid to ask or ashamed to appear ignorant. Just look at research sites and within seconds a world of possibilities opens up through access to information in the form of meaning, literature, image, video and whatever else is available on the topic. I have selected a few tips that can change your mood and help you gain more knowledge.

1. Change the habit slowly

If you don’t like reading, to break the habit barrier, separate short readings and subjects that attract your attention. Gradually the habit of reading will become a pleasure.

2. Dive into your area

Seek knowledge primarily in your area, in order to increase specific knowledge or, at least, keep up with the changes that keep coming faster and faster.

3. Read in another language

Reading in another language allows you to accumulate knowledge on two fronts at the same time. Take your technical readings in spanish, for example. The idea is to choose sources from countries that are relevant to your area of ​​expertise.

4. Browse online courses

Some public and private universities offer excellent, free-of-charge distance specialization courses that can be of great value in times of cost savings.

5. Have a mentor

If you have free time, take the opportunity to talk to people who can add insights or improvement tips in your area and learn from the experience and good examples of the people you respect.

6. Ask Questions

Yes, ask everything you want to know, for everything and everyone who can shed light on your question. Contrary to what has long been imagined, ignorant is not the one who exposes his situation of ignorance by asking questions, but one who is content to continue ignoring matters, just by avoiding asking what it is about.

Finally, always learn!