Getting rid of some bad professional habits is an efficient strategy to avoid stress and anxiety, you know? And see that these are not very complicated habits to resolve. Stopping skipping meals and making excuses for not attending company events are some examples.

Changing some habits helps to avoid stress and anxiety

1. Stop skipping meals

Even if you are busy, please stop to eat properly. Take a break of at least 15 minutes and respond to your stomach’s calls when it is snoring. Every day, okay?

2. Why suffer every Sunday night?

At the end of Sunday afternoon, do you start thinking about everything you need to do on Monday and everything you did not do the week before? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can organize yourself better so as not to leave tasks pending. You can also do something pleasant to start the week. Have a coffee at your favorite bakery, who knows?

3. Don’t insist on unproductive moments

If you are not yielding at any given time, try to get up from your chair, have a coffee or take a walk around the office. Yes, you may lose a few precious minutes in this activity, but it will be easier to make up for that lost time than the unproductive hours you will spend looking at the computer if you just insist on staying in the same position.

4. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is that mania for leaving everything for later especially those more complicated and scary tasks that we need to do. You know? Stop delaying is a great strategy to get these unwanted projects off your to-do list and, consequently, out of your head. Face the challenge and get rid of the problem.

5. It is no use working sick

If you are sick, you need to spend more time resting (for real) or at least working from home. There is no point in risking your health and that of your colleagues just to demonstrate how engaged you are at work. Avoid crawling into the office when you are barely able to stand.

6. Frequent company events

You like your colleagues, but prefer to stay at home. Right? I understand your problem, but this practice is very damaging to your career (and even to your social life). By avoiding company events, you miss out on great opportunities to create and nurture relationships that can be good both professionally and personally. You do not need to participate at all, but you must strive to be present in most of them.

7. NEVER ignore your network

A common and lousy career habit is to just remember to network when you want a favor or are looking for a job. Is it your case? Start right now to devote more time and attention to people who are always willing to help when you need it. Make contact with former colleagues, ask how they are doing. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

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