The office party can be an opportunity for you to stand out and make new contacts. This is not a time for shame or exaggeration, right? So to take care of your reputation and make sure the year doesn’t start with a “blemish” on your resume, check out our checklist – before leaving for the event!

1. Has a party name, but it’s practically work

Think you’re among co-workers at a corporate event – not among your best friends at the Sunday lunch bar table. Even if you love parties and feel totally comfortable with your colleagues and superiors, control your enthusiasm not to be ugly. If so, combine a happy hour with your nearest at another time.

2. Diversify contacts and subjects

Okay, it’s an office party, but please don’t just talk about work. People are there at a time of relaxation and not to discuss a project or reschedule a meeting. Also avoid gossip and nasty comments, which never go well. Take the opportunity to talk to people you don’t normally have as much contact with at work.

Try pulling a subject and, if well received, go ahead. Show interest in people and show who they are. You can, for example, talk about the last show you saw or a great app you downloaded last week. With common sense always.

3. Stay tuned

If the event starts with an announcement, awards, or secret friend, for example, arrive at the time specified in the invitation. A delay may give the impression of neglect. If it’s just an informal party, you might arrive a little later, but don’t overdo it.

4. Drink and eat in moderation

It’s not because food and drink are abundantly served that you can throw yourself in all and end the night in shame, okay? You can even drink a little, with good judgment. If you find yourself starting to talk too much, stop immediately.

5. Can I take someone?

No. Unless it is explicit in the invitation that family members are welcome, which is very rare today. Even if you feel out of place, you must strive to be sociable with colleagues. Your career, sooner or later, will thank you for it.

6. Tailor made clothes

When choosing what to wear, once again you need to remember that we are talking about a corporate event. Even if it’s a pool barbecue, don’t even think about wearing your smallest bikini. Also discard skirts or shorts that are too short. If the event is before or after work, think of something lighter, but that fits well at both times.

7. Have fun

Yes, after all these rules, it may seem like you’re going to a funeral rather than a party, but believe me, by taking such precautions, you’re more likely to relax and have fun without disrupting your professional development.