At a time when companies are even more demanding when looking for professionals, some skills and competencies can enhance your resume. Check out what’s on the rise in the job market and get better prepared to win the spot of your dreams.

Most valued skills and competences

1. Communication

Resourcefulness, coherence between speech and action, objectivity, ability to convey ideas, good Portuguese, ability to listen.

2. Negotiation

Persuasiveness, focus on results, respect for people, conflict management.

3. Leadership

Ability to engage and motivate people, charisma, decision making, ability to detect and develop team potentials, assertiveness.

4. Ethics

Transparency, reliability.

5. Energy

Initiative, dress shirt, enthusiasm and vibration, sparkle in the eyes.

6. Emotional Balance

ability to work under pressure, resistance to frustration, maturity;

7. Flexibility

Ability to adapt to change and review points of view, openness to feedback and different ideas;

8. Creativity

Ability to solve problems, intuition, ability to innovate.

If you don’t know how you are doing, ask friends and family. Ask for honest feedback from different people. We are not perfect and we will not be, but that does not mean that we have to settle for any limitations. We need to pursue continuous evolution.

Finally, I want to emphasize that it is very common to see extremely anxious candidates, wanting to show that they are the best choice for the vacancy. As a result, they make crucial mistakes: they talk too much, tell too many cases, interrupt other candidates, don’t listen. They also want to show leadership and go over teamwork in group dynamics. Therefore, be very careful not to overdo this during all stages of the selection process.