You need some money and you still haven’t got the dream job? It may be the case of getting a temporary job this holiday season! The clothing, appliances and food segments are the busiest and most hired across the country. Check out these tips.

1. Get in the mood

Don’t sit around decorating the Christmas programming on TV! Get off the couch and get some extra money! More than remuneration, temporary jobs are also often fun because of the climate of compulsory cooperation, a consequence of the large movement in trade.

2. Find what has to do with you

Some temporary job opportunities require a professional profile full of affinities. Imagine an introvert, organized person who likes everything in place, serving three or four customers at the same time in a shoe store. Chances are she has a piripaque! Similarly, if you’re an outgoing type, staying inside an office stall eight hours a day fiddling with spreadsheets is the way to unhappiness. Identify your strengths and look for jobs that have something to do with you.

3. Don’t have time to leave

Most temporary vacancies are traditionally from the trade: salespeople, stockists, registration assistants, and so on. The hiring is precisely to support a much larger than usual customer movement. So don’t count on the right time to leave. There are many unforeseen events and this is the golden moment of trade. That is, get ready to hold the rocket! And don’t forget: your attitudes will be observed.

4. Keep in mind that it may be the beginning of a career.

Have no doubt: you will be watched in all your attitudes, even if the work is temporary. This time is often a kind of lab for businesses, a barn for picking the best talent that can be tapped when you have an open, stable job. Since January is a period of low traffic, the hottings don’t usually happen right after the holidays. But if you are present with good posture, competence and proactivity, make sure you are on the list of future contributors.

5. Have an appointment

Few people realize the importance of serving well. After all, who doesn’t like to be well attended? A smile, a polite greeting, being available‚Ķ All of this makes everyone happy! Perform your role with commitment, whether with clients or colleagues. More and more companies take behavior into account more than technical knowledge when contacting them.

6. Fix your look

Clothing and shoe stores are two of the most hired. There is usually a fixed salary and more commission, which ensures good prospects for extra money. Please note: your personal presentation will count. Nice clothes, well-cut hair, shaved beard, neat nails weigh in at the time of hiring.

7. Learn to listen

That salesman who talks to his elbows to win the customer in fatigue is out of fashion. The important thing is to listen calmly, patiently, willingly, what the customer wants, and then better serve you and bring the product that best suits your budget and taste. This listening attitude is not only for dealing with customers, but also with colleagues, managers, and everyone around you.

8. Create your contact network

This is a great time to meet people, not only where you go to work, but shops and colleagues nearby. If you make a good impression of those who want to work, grow, and have a disposition, you certainly won’t be forgotten in a moment of open positions.