Knowing how to look for a job without turning it into a waste of time is not always easy. But it is possible. At least that’s what Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Time Management Coach says. In her experience, she followed several candidates doing what was safer and more comfortable – rather than doing what would be most efficient in finding a vacancy. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, check out five signs that you may be self-abusing in this process. Check out!

1. Have more than one strategy

If you try to find a job and only one way – through online job postings, for example – you’re probably wasting your time. Searching for jobs online is quite efficient, but it’s not the only way.
You should, of course, invest time filling out your resume on websites and visiting the career pages of the companies you want to work for. But it needs to go beyond that. Chat with people you know, attend events to make new contacts.

2. Search for vacancies and take action

According to Elizabeth, some people treat their job search as obsessive online shopping. They spend hours and hours reviewing posts, but never actually apply for one of the jobs. You cannot (and should not) apply for all the jobs ahead. However, if you do not apply for at least one, something is wrong.

In the expert’s opinion, you may be paralyzed by anxiety or tiredness. The tip is to try to set a minimum amount of vacancies that you will apply for per week – from two to five, for example. This ensures that you are not just wasting time searching.

3. Don’t apply for jobs you don’t want

If you are only applying for jobs for which you are over or under qualified you are really wasting time. Ok, being super-selective and looking for the right spot all the time is a mistake. On the other hand, going out for anything that comes your way is also a misguided strategy that takes your energy.

4. Talk to people

Yes, you need to invest time pulling in with people, whether they are recruiters, acquaintances or former coworkers. When someone has a referral, don’t hesitate to take the initiative and get back to business. Since this is your job search, the obligation to act is yours.

5. Get out of your own bubble

It is right to start making contacts with the people you know who know your work. However, if this network doesn’t bring results, you need to get out of the comfort zone and broaden your focus. Having the same conversations with people as usual can be a total waste of time.

To look for a job efficiently, you have to challenge yourself to go new places and talk to new people. Elizabeth believes MeetUp can be a useful tool for this, but there are other similar apps and platforms. “You can find everything from walking groups to business groups and everything,” she says. Opening up to new possibilities can allow things to happen. After all, you never know when you will meet someone who knows someone who is looking for a professional like you. It is not?