Writing a resume can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the best (or greatest) work experience in the world to report yet. It is possible that your last job may not show the full potential you have, and it may be far from what you are looking for in your career.

Do not worry. There are many ways to make your professional background and qualifications interesting for recruiters to realize that you are the person they are looking for. Check it out!

1. Use active voice

A key to making your resume more appealing is to use the active voice instead of the passive voice.

For example:

Active Voice: I created a social media campaign.

Passive Voice: A social media campaign was created by me.

Realized the difference? In the active voice, you put your achievements in the center of the sentence, highlighting your contribution. In addition, the reading is faster and more direct, which values ​​the 30 seconds the average recruiter will have to read the document.

It is worth reviewing your resume and replacing any passive voices out there. Action verbs can range from developing, organizing, evaluating, coordinating, allocating and executing, for example.

2. Use keywords

Distribute (appropriately, of course) across your resume the keywords that make up the job description you want to win.

This strategy makes your resume “findable” by the search engines that first screen candidates. It also demonstrates to the recruiter that you are ideal for the position he needs to fill.

To do this, follow these steps:

1 – Carefully read the job posting and check what skills / characteristics required in the text you have;

2 – Use the terms exactly as the company used it. For example, if your ad requires “management experience,” do not change the word for “management experience.” Remember that the “robot” may not understand the similarity between the two terms.

3 – Be careful to include the keywords appropriately throughout the resume. The text must make sense because it will also be read by humans.

3. Cut out irrelevant information

If you adjust the curriculum to the vacancy in question, more succinct, straightforward and objective it will be. That is, the recruiter will quickly realize how fit you are for the position.

The tip, then, is after you include the keywords in your resume, delete skills and knowledge that are not related to the position you want to occupy.

This does not mean that you should simply delete non-relevant experiments from your history. Don’t do it – or your resume will be full of gaps. Just reduce the level of detail of what is not really relevant at the moment.

4. Show evidence

Another key to making your resume more impressive is evidently supporting the skills and competencies you want to demonstrate you have.

For example, you might write “I have good communication,” but that doesn’t prove your ability.

It is best to demonstrate how you apply this competency. For example: “I used my communication skills to successfully manage a team of three store assistants. As a result, our team exceeded the company’s national sales goals. ”

That way you are more likely to persuade the recruiter and show that you are a strong candidate.

5. Use numbers and statistics

You can also bring a little enthusiasm to your work history by presenting numbers that demonstrate results and achievements.

Here’s the difference they can make:

– Lead a $ 4 million engineering project and a team of 20 people.

– We were able to increase annual e-commerce sales by 50% in one year.

– Responsible for training new retail employees in groups of up to 30 people.

Numbers and statistics prove you’re an entrepreneur – a trait all employers value.