Do you know how to update the resume every time you take an important step in your career, how to complete a course, finish graduation or receive a promotion?

If you have not edited a comma in your resume in the last six or seven months, you may be out of screening. Have you ever wondered how many job openings you can lose due to lack of attention to your resume?

Unlike printed resume, online CV, the more information you provide, the greater your chances. So it is necessary to work hard and make the update a routine.

Check out some tips to update your resume and go well in the selection processes.

How to update the resume quickly and efficiently

To make your resume more efficient, you need to ensure that the message you want to convey with it is clear to those who read it. In addition, it is essential to value your career.

It is also important to remember that the recruiter does not always have a lot of time to pre-select candidates. For this reason, it is worth looking at the professional summary.

See how to do it best in the following three topics.

1. Be clear about your professional goal

The professional objective field of electronic resumes is certainly one of the most important in screening. It is based on the position and function that the screening “robots” will “take” their resume to the recruiters who are working in the vacancy.

Some people – well intentioned, certainly – put phrases such as “be happy”, “grow in the company”, “engagement”, without knowing that with this they are decreasing the chance of applying for a job opportunity.

Be objective and consistent. For example:

“Administrative assistant, receptionist”;
“Logistics manager, specialist in logistics”;
“Marketing analyst, publicist”.
Also pay attention not to mix the seasons. If you are really looking for any opportunity, create different resumes to apply for each type of job that interests you.

For example, never put goals like “lawyer, dogwalker” in the same field, which are totally different functions, which are not related. This type of misunderstanding can hinder the recruiter’s work, which will end up not even reaching your resume.

2. Value your experience

Many people who have not yet had their first formal job with a formal contract, or have little experience, say they have nothing to put on the resume. Really?

Professional experiences, even if informal on vacation, for example, never cease to be a relevant experience.

Scientific initiation scholarship holders, participation in junior companies in college, participation in voluntary actions are requirements that are very pleasing to companies. They also demonstrate good initiative, proactivity and a good relationship for teamwork.

Recall everything you’ve done, select the one that is most relevant to the vacancy you are looking to win and detail these achievements in the resume.

3. Insert your professional summary clearly

If you already have professional experience, know that several qualified professionals like you are looking for a replacement in the market or wish to change areas.

It is important to get the recruiter’s attention using your professional resume, as he will give you a good idea of ​​what will be seen throughout your resume.

Highlight your most relevant experiences, your specific knowledge in the area in which you want to work, as you are in the work environment (for example: being active and enjoying looking for practical solutions to solve problems).

The idea is that you clarify your achievements and show how you prepared to achieve them.

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