You can update your resume in 2, 5 or 20 minutes. Check out what to do depending on the time you have available now. Below you’ll find some essential tips for reevaluating text, correcting information, and slapping your professional resume to make it more attractive.

How to update resume in 2 minutes

  • Pass a spell checker, “for dread”;
  • Keep your resume “clean” and readable, give more room to talk about its qualities;
  • If you were two or three years out of college for some reason, remove your year of entry, leave only graduation. Most recruiters really just want to know that you have a degree.

Have 5 more minutes and can give a better review?

  • Remove anything related to high school unless you need to increase your resume and have done something highly relevant (and impressive) during your high school years;
  • Update the skills section and add any new skills you have acquired, such as a language (apart from anything that is dated, because no one else wants to read that you have Microsoft Word experience, for example);
  • Review the full name of the institutions, certifications, or organizations. You should quote this at least for the first time, to make sure that the recruiter knows what you are talking about and that search engines will find you, if any;
  • If you have gaps of a few months in your work history, change the usual start and end dates for each position and enter only the years (for example, 2011-2013);
  • Take out those generic adjectives (words like “thorough” or “experienced”) and better describe your strengths;
  • Show only the most recent jobs, your last 10 or 15 career years, and include only the experience relevant to the position you are applying for;
  • Read your resume aloud. This will help you catch any mistakes and repair phrases that sound strange or double meaning.

You have 10 or 15 minutes left and want to make a good makeover?

  • Give your resume to someone for 30 seconds. So ask: what are the three most memorable things? Get this feedback and think about how you can adjust it;
  • Review your strengths in each section and add numbers and percentages where you can to quantify your work. How many people were impacted by that action? What is the percentage increase in goals?
  • Do you feel that you need to “bulk up” the experience? Suddenly it is worth going beyond full-time or paid employment. If you’ve volunteered, worked part time, or created a blog and it was very relevant, add;
  • Email some three friends or business contacts (and be nice right now!) Asking them to peek into their resumes. You may find some inspiration or remember something important that you left out.